• Passionate Reins for Change, LLC

    With Grace and Guidance...there is Hope!


    Welcome to PRC, your neighborhood outdoor classroom utilizing horses to facilitate a personal learning experience. The core purpose of Passionate Reins for Change, LLC is to give people a place to explore their inner spirit through two of God's most amazing creations; nature and horses. The goal is to help create an atmosphere of connection and truth. I stand for a hope in a higher power, gratitude for life, and trust that when you seek, you will find. PRC is a place to find encouragement, hope and guidance while on a path to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Here you will get a glimpse into life as seen through the eyes, ears, hooves, tail and body of a horse. What you will experience will be a taste of "living in the moment" as horses do 24/7



  • Covid-19 Update

    We are still meeting out in nature with fresh air and freedom to connect at a distance

    For Equine sessions at Mckittrick Farm:

    • Due to the fact that these sessions are outdoors and socially distanced (6ft apart), masks are not required. However if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to do so.

    • Please sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer available upon arrival. Please wait by the stair leading into the red barn and I will come get you when your session time starts.

    • During sessions, we are practicing social distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart

    • The barn staff is taking all necessary precautions to keep the barn as clean as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding of these procedures as we navigate this unprecedented time to the best of our ability!


  • Who we are

    Your neighborhood outdoor learning center where we utilize nature and horses to facilitate a personal learning experience through coaching, equine assisted therapy and authentic horsemanship!

    Authentic Horsemanship

    Learning from the horses natural state of being as a prey animal and applying what you learn allows for transformation in the human condition. It brings mind, body, spirit together to help form the perfect you that God created you to be.

    Coaching with Horses and Online Coaching

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a partner that listens, is able to be vulnerable and speak truth while supporting your movement to reach your highest goals? Whether you choose to be in person with the horses or online, Linda will commit to sharing the journey and traverse the hills and valleys along side of you.

    Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

    This is an experiential model that involves using horses on the ground where they are free to give unbiased feedback to the client. This type of therapy fosters the freedom we need to explore ways of moving forward and breaking out of the old habits that get in the way of our authentic self. http://groundedstridescounseling.com

  • Our Team

    Collaboration is key to success! PRC works together with a Licensed therapist to bring you Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Mckittrick Farm, Pelzer, SC (just a stones throw from Happy Cow Creamery)

    Grounded Strides Counseling, LLC

    Kathryn Davis, M.A, LPC #5656

    864-877-7025 ext. 703

    Kathryn received her M.A in Community Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2011. She is an LPC in South Carolina, and is certified with Eagala to offer equine-assisted psychotherapy, which integrates counseling with horses. She is passionate about incorporating nature and horses into the counseling process, as both cultivate a powerful experiential component that integrates the head, heart and body. She works from a person-centered, Narrative, Faith-based framework.  http://groundedstridescounseling.com



    Linda Yopp, Equine Specialist & Life Coach

    864-449-8460 or Passionreins@gmail.com

    Linda has been in tune to horses since she was a child. She admires their ability to communicate with one another on a level above their human counterparts by using mainly their body language and pure unbiased instincts. As a horse owner over the past 13 years, she has come to know the power of the herd for the benefit of the human race. She strives to share her passion and commitment to the horse as a teacher and facilitator to help humans gain insight into their false self so they can start living the life they were designed to be. Linda is certified under Eagala as an Equine Specialist(2014) and also certified through Equine Alchemy as an Equine Life Coach (2018). http://eagala.org      http://equinealchemy.com

  • Meet the Herd

    The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man -Winston Churchill

    Wingo is a 10 yr. old Oldenburg gelding

    Wingo is a left brain extrovert who loves to play. He is not easily intrigued unless you can support him in a creative, consistent and confident way.

    Alekzander is a 16 yr. old Arabian gelding

    Alekz is a right brain introvert. He enjoys patterns and repetition games. He seeks partnering with a human he can trust is not going to push him too far too quickly in their relationship. Once you get to know Alekz he will certainly teach you a lot about being "slow and steady".

    Pnut is a 20 yr. old Morgan mare

    Pnut is a right brain extrovert. She is quick to move and very curious of her surroundings. She loves a gently scratch in her favorite places and can teach the importance of boundaries and focus.

    Mocha is a 7 yr. old Shetland pony gelding

    Mocha is a sweet boy who enjoys hanging out with anyone willing to give him a little rub along with some green grass.

  • Events & Updates

    Keeping you up to date on volunteer opportunities, workshops, and wellness activities down on the farm

    Volunteer Opportunities


    From mucking pastures, picking up sticks and tending to the trail, there is always work to be done at the farm. We cherish our volunteers who love to be outdoors while helping around the farm.

    Horse Camps

    June 7-9 Girls Rule! ages 12-15

    June 28-29 Co-Ed ages 8-11 (ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT)

    July 19-21 ages 16-19